It is essential for a medical facility to have the right transfer stretcher. It allows the caregivers to transport a sick or an injured patient immediately for the right medical assistance. Such transfer stretchers are an essential part of hospital equipment and can also be used to transport patients along the different units. These are used outdoors as well especially by ambulance drivers in order to transport patients to medical centres.

Different kind of transfer stretchers

The transfer stretcher which the medical facility is looking to buy is based upon its intended use. A stretcher is used during emergency for a trauma, at the mortuary, for neonatal care and ophthalmology.

  • An emergency stretcher should be easy to handle and also easy to manoeuvre. This is because it requires quick loading and unloading in an ambulance.
  • A Trauma stretcher trolley should have the necessary functionality so that it can allow patients to be transported to the emergency room or to the radiology unit with ease.
  • As the name suggests the mortuary stretcher Is used to transport bodies within the Morgue.
  • Infant stretchers are especially used for transporting incubators from one place to another
  • Ophthalmology stretches are useful for quick management of ophthalmological procedures for an outpatient services.

It is crucial to note that the stretcher which you are buying should have the right specifications to cater to the needs of the medical emergency. If yours is a medical facility which caters to patients who come for bariatric procedures you may need to invest in a bariatric stretcher similarly a stretcher trolley which is to be used for radiology and MRI should have a radio transparent sleeping surface or nonmagnetic stretchers which allow the examination to be carried out directly with the patient lying down on it.

Specific features of a transfer stretcher

Usually a transfer Stretcher comes with adjusting options. However there are certain features which would definitely be considered for example a stretcher transfer with variable height or an adjustable backrest would be the right choice. There are certain stretchers with also come along with an energy source known as mechanical or electrical stretchers.

Height adjustable stretchers would allow the caregivers to work in an ideal position and also cater to the needs of the patients without having to compromise on their comfort. Similarly an adjustable backrest also offers greater comfort to the patient so that they can be seated with ease.

Self loading stretchers are used for emergency situations or for providing first aid. These reduce the caregivers work by removing the need to load or unload the patient during a hospital procedure or when they are being transferred from an ambulance to the medical facility.

When buying a transfer stretcher it is important to buy one which is easy to maintain and also has the right steering and braking systems. You should also be on the lookout for a stretcher which is compatible with the accessories so that it can be used in a variety of situations for example with links for IV stands or retractable side rails to allow direct access to the patient.

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